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Monday February 10

Sunrise 7:49 am. Mostly cloudy and cold with a few scattered snow showers. A continuation of our weather pattern with cold temperatures and light snow. At least no subzero wind chills, although still very brisk conditions. High 21. Winds northwest 8-15 mph. Sunset 6:09 pm. Overnight partly cloudy and colder. Low 11. Winds northwest 7-13 mph.

Sunday February 9

Sunrise 7:51 am. Light snow, light winds and cool temperatures as our winter continues to roll along. High 20. Winds northeast 7-13 mph. Sunset 6:08 pm. Overnight snow showers with an inch or two of accumulation. Low 11. Winds northwest 7-13 mph.

Saturday February 8

Sunrise 7:52 am. Increasing clouds during the day and continued cool. Our average high temperatures are now in the low 30's, but this has not been an average winter. High 25. Winds southeast 8-15 mph. Sunset 6:07 pm. Snow developing overnight with 1-3 inches of accumulation. Low 14. Winds southeast 10-20 mph.

Friday February 7

Sunrise 7:53 am. Mostly cloudy the first half of the day with partial sunshine in the afternoon. Temperatures well below average, as we struggle to hit our average daily low temperature of 21. High 17. Winds northwest 8-15 mph. Sunset 6:05 pm. Overnight our temperatures will drop with partly cloudy skies and light winds. Low 6. Winds north 5-10 mph.

Thursday February 6

Sunrise 7:54 am. Mostly cloudy and cold. We won't add much to our snow totals today, but it will be on the chilly side. We are going to keep this weather for several days if not a week, so we might as well get use to it. High 22. Winds northwest 10-20 mph. Sunset 6:04 pm. Temperatures will drop after dark with the minimal cloud cover. Low 10. Winds northwest 7-13 mph.

Wednesday February 5

Sunrise 7:56 am. Snow continuing in the morning with 1-3 inches additional accumulation before coming to an end by early afternoon. High 26. Winds northwest 10-20 mph. Sunset 6:03 pm. Overnight mostly cloudy, windy and colder with scattered lake-effect snow showers. Low 14. Winds northwest 15-25 mph.

Tuesday February 4

Sunrise 7:57 am. A quiet and cold morning with calm winds and sunshine. Our temperatures will rise several degrees and the clouds will thicken in the afternoon. High 23. Winds east 7-13 mph. Sunset 6:01 pm. Snow overnight with an inch or two of accumulation. Low 14. Winds southeast 8-15 mph.

Monday February 3

Sunrise 7:58 am. Mostly sunny and seasonably cool. Today will be almost pleasant with the sunshine and light winds. High 22. Winds southwest 5-10 mph. Sunset 6:00 pm. Overnight, the clear skies and light winds will drop our temperatures down in the single digits. Low 6. Winds calm.

Sunday Super Ground Hog Day

Sunrise 7:59 am. Partly sunny and cooler, but not too wintry as our goundhog comes out to see his shadow. High 25. Winds northwest 10-20 mph. Sunset 5:59 pm. Overnight it will be partly cloudy and cold. Low 13. Winds northwest 7-13 mph.

Saturday February 1

Sunrise 8:00 am. Increasing clouds in the morning as an area of moisture slides towards us from the southwest. Snow will begin in the afternoon and continue until the early evening. Snowfall totals will run 4-8 inches with areas to the south of town getting more. High 29. Winds east 10-20 mph. Sunset 5:58 pm. Snow ending overnight and becoming partly cloudy. Low 14. Winds northeast 10-20 mph.
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