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Wednesday March 19

Sunrise 7:50 am. Cloudy, windy and showers, as we get a little setback on our way to spring. A wet snow will accumulate to an inch or two at most, as it mixes with rain. High 37. Low 27. Winds southwest 15-25 mph. Sunset 7:56 pm.

Tuesday March 18

Sunrise 7:52 am. More sun than clouds the first half of the day, and overcast conditions by sunset. Temperatures will move nicely up to almost average for this time of year. High 43. Low 33. Winds south 10-20 mph. Sunset 7:55 pm.

Monday March 17

Sunrise 7:54 am. Partly sunny and cool. Good weather for a St. Patrick's Day celebration. High 38. Low 28. Winds southeast 8-15 mph. Sunset 7:54 pm.

Sunday March 16

Sunrise 7:55 am. Mostly sunny and pleasant. Other than the brisk wind and chilly temperatures, not too bad compared to the last 85 days of winter. High 38. Low 27. Winds southwest 12-22 mph. Sunset 7:53 pm.

Saturday March 15

Sunrise 7:57 am. Mostly sunny and cool, but the sun and light winds will make it nice for a walk, just not on the ice.. High 33. Low 20. Winds northeast 8-15 mph. Sunset 7:52 pm.

Friday March 14

Sunrise 7:59 am. Partly cloudy, breezy and on the cold side. as we get another cold front in the morning. The winter that will not end even though spring is only one week away. High 35. Low 23. Winds west 12-22 mph. Sunset 7:50 pm.

Thursday March 13

Sunrise 8:00 am. Partly cloudy and cold as we will most likely set another cold temperature record this morning. Mostly sunny in the afternoon and our temperatures will moderate significantly before sunset. High 35. Low 17. Winds northeast 7-13 mph. Sunset 7:49 pm.

Wednesday March 12

Sunrise 8:02 am. Another one to two inches of snow the first half of the day. Snow will end in the afternoon, as we head back towards winter for several days to a few weeks. Even with a higher sun angle, not much warmth today with a gusty north wind. High 26. Low 14. Winds north 12-25 mph. Sunset 7:48 pm.

Tuesday March 11

Sunrise 8:04 am. Mostly cloudy, mild and light rain that will change over to snow in the afternoon. High 39. Winds west 8-15 mph. Sunset 7:47 pm. Overnight snow continuing and 1-2 inches of accumulation is likely. Low 22. Winds northwest 10-20 mph.

Monday March 10

Sunrise 8:06 am. Sunshine in the morning and not as cold. There is a good chance of temperatures near normal which is high's in the 40's. High 45. Winds southwest 10-20 mph. Sunset 7:46 pm. Overnight, drizzle changing over to snow and cooling down. Low 27. Winds west 10-20 mph.
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