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This spring a community group was started that was named Friends of the Grand Haven State Park. This is a volunteer organization who donates their time and energy to improve the Grand Haven State Park.
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Wednesday June 20, 2012

From: Concerned Mother Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 12:38 PM To: Will Beaton Subject: Re: Flag System He seriously said that to you? Isn't jumping off the pier supposed to be forbidden?? So, in your opinion, what is the best way for a mom to know when the conditions are safe for my kids? My youngest stays attached to me any time she is in the water, totally by her choice, but my 12-year-old likes a little more independence. Also, do you know anything about the currents at North Shore beach? Are they safer than the state park? Less safe? Or about the same? Thanks for your time and information! Will Beaton responded with: Yes, he(state park staff) was serious about jumping off the pier. He said, “people do it all the time”. This state park person is clearly part of the problem that continues the misinformation of swimming in the state park. We have people making water safety decisions that have no training or experience with water safety. With respect to pier jumping, no it is not illegal, yes it is stupid, but not against the law. Swimming in the state park is a concern because of the lack of awareness and training of the personnel running the park. Based upon my 45 years experience, there is no reason for a parent to allow their children to swim in the northern half of the swim area up to the pier. The southern half of the state park is less dangerous. I would recommend parking on the extreme southern edge of the state park near the Grand Haven City Beach, or North Shore Park. Both the city beach and north park beach, are not only safer under most conditions, but the water is cleaner, and there are fewer people. Once you are caught in a rip current, it is often too late to get out. A rip current doesn’t discriminate between children or adults. Many a parent has perished trying to save a child. Hope this answers your questions, please be safe. Will Beaton...
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Coming this summer, information on rip currents

We will be creating a section of information on rip currents, and inviting comments on this subject. The information in this section is further described by clicking on "full story"....
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